Check Out Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial City

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting some DLC called The Imperial City, which focuses on the Imperial City, an important landmark in the Elder Scrolls series that has recently been overrun by monsters and forces of darkness. Recently, new info and screenshots for the Imperial City were revealed.

Over on the game’s official blog, details about the Empire’s main city were discussed. The city is broken up into six unique districts: the Arena District (which is where the arena is), the Arboretum District (which is home to the boss Lady Malygda), the Elven Gardens (a base of operations for “Legion Zero”), the Memorial District (which is dedicated to those who gave their live protecting the empire), the Nobles District (an upplerclass residential area), and finally the Temple District (which houses the sacred Temple of the One). Each of these districts have been overrun, and it is up to the player to do what the can to push back those who have sullied this sacred place. Underneath the city, the player will find the sewers, where three factions have set up base camps and are doing what they can to bring peace back to the city. Each base camp will include a merchant, a banker, and various crafting stations to create new gear and weapons.

The Imperial City DLC will be available on August 31st for the PC, with an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release on September 15th. The DLC is free for all Elder Scroll Online plus players, and costs 2500 crowns, which is the in-game currency.