Check Out the Opening for Halo 5’s Blue Team

Microsoft has released a new cinematic, detailing the opening of the game’s second mission centering around the Blue Team, led by their legendary commander Master Chief. As the team is sent to board a research facility held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, they’re tasked with preventing the contents of the facility from falling into the vile claws of a renegade Covenant faction. In the opening cinematic, following the stressed Master Chief causing concerns among his team, they embark onto the vessel through a field of asteroids, soon finding themselves in conflict with the Covenant forces that dwell within.

But Halo doesn’t intend to keep players from the good parts, quickly ending as soon as the team is ready to scrap, leaving the shooting for the player to experience for themselves. This new opening cinematic is another of the many pushes Microsoft is doing to promote the next installment of their monumental shooter series. Halo 5: Guardians is set for release this October 27th on Xbox One.