Grass-type Sceptile Joins Pokken Tournament

The grass reptile Pokemon Sceptile is the latest character announced for the Tekken-inspired Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, currently making its rounds in Japanese arcades and headed to the Nintendo Wii U. Sceptile joins Farfetch’d and Electrode as the most recent Pokemon to join the fray, joining previously announced fighters such as Lucario, Pikachu, Blaziken, Gengar, and more. Sceptile will be a playable character, while Farfetch’d and Electrode serve as support characters for when things get hairy.

In a new trailer released alongside the new announcement, we see Sceptile slash its way to victory, with razor leaves and cuts aplenty. A strong mix-up fighter with tons of moves and even a supercharged Mega Evolution form, Sceptile is a perfect blend of Pokemon attacks with fighting game implications. Pokken Tournament is set for release next year on the Nintendo Wii U. Check out the new trailer and see Sceptile in action below.







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