Lina the Slayer Scorches in Fiery Cosplay


Lina the Slayer was known even from childhood for her conniving and clever nature. Constantly quarreling with her younger sister the Crystal Maiden, their parents sent her to live with an aunt after having to move due to too many destroyed homes. Finding the Desert of Misrule a comfortable location to dwell, she furthered to reputation for a flaming temper by having many suitors turned away via burned body parts.


Cosplayer Tascha Spcats transforms herself into the fiery hero of the DotA 2 universe in this magnificent cosplay. In a costume comprised of various elements, she sticks with Lina’s original attire. Consisting of a red and gold dress embellished with gold detailing on the top as well as a red gemstone, and adorned with a red belt in the center, she looks ravishing. Her hair is pulled back and framed by a golden tiara while a jeweled necklace and matching earrings give her a regal appearance. Tascha Spcats nails all the small details in her representation of Lina, creating a blazing rendition of the Slayer.




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