Sonic Boom Revealed for Wii U and 3DS; Gets TV Series and Toyline


The blue hedgehog is wasting no time. After last years’  Sonic: Lost World, it would be understandable if there wasn’t anything new to report for a while, but Sega is not content with staying down. While there have been reports of a new Sonic game in the works, Sega denied the rumors, calling them “incorrect”. At a New York City event, however, Sega revealed that a new franchise in the Sonic the Hedgehog brand is being developed. Sonic Boom will be the name of both a CG animated series and games to be released for the Wii U and 3DS.

For the games, Sonic Boom evokes the feel of the Sonic Adventure series with its explorable, open environments. During her introduction, Sega of America marketing chief Marcella Churchill was very clear that the Sonic character we’ve known since Sonic Adventure isn’t going away. Rather, this new series is meant to reach a new audience while still giving back to the fans that have stuck by Sonic. Like Sonic Adventure, you can select to play as one of four characters, all who have special abilities and have received a new look. Knuckles, now much larger, can still use his signature climb ability and melee attacks. Amy, appearing more ‘brains over brawn’, carries a large hammer to dish out damage. Tails is suitably comfortable in his role as engineer, with a utility belt and gadgets. Sonic, receiving the more noticeable changes, sports a scarf, athletic wraps around his arms, and carries a grappling whip for platforming.


All of this is set to the backdrop of a beautiful jungle-slash-ruins locale, all rendered on a version of CryEngine3 for Wii U. There will be large arenas for melee combat and long hallways and open area for high speed sprinting. Sonic Boom will be developed on Wii U by Big Red Button Entertainment, while the 3DS will be developed by Sanzaru Games. Even though this is Big Red Button’s first produced game, founder Bob Rafei had previously served as art director for Naughty Dog Studios from 1995-2008. Sanzaru is no stranger to working on franchises from other studios, including Sly Cooper: Theives in Time from Sucker Punch. Being the second in a line of three promised Nintendo exclusives, Sonic Boom will be available only on the Wii U and 3DS.

Along with the epic news, Sonic Boom will also be getting a television series and a toy line from Tomy. How epic is this Sonic Boom?




Written by: Guest Contributor Ninja Boy

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