This Nidalee Cosplay is Wild

Photography by PM Image Photography

Nidalee is a half human/ half feline huntress who grew up in a wild land right below the Great Barrier. She was a young girl when her family lost their way in the unforgiving and scary jungle. She then watched her treasure hunting parents die a horrible death from a vicious disease. Even though things seemed drear for the small child, but despite all odds she survived the horrors of this land. She was taken in by a family of cougars and stayed and trained with them until that one day. She left her home and joined the civilized world one day, just so she can fight in the League of Legends.


This Cosplay by ToxicHime is based off of one of Nidalee’s skins: Leapord Nidalee. She looks exactly like the character, she poses like the character, and really embodies the essence of Nidalee herself. This Cosplay is perfect in both construction and personality.

nidalee-cosplay-3Photography by Roccomal



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