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Sacha Baron Cohen Sells 007-Style Comedy to Paramount


Posted August 5, 2012 by

Nobody is off-limits when Sacha Baron Cohen is involved, and that includes our favorite international super-spy.

Baron Cohen and Phil Johnston have recently sold an untitled comedy pitch to Paramount. The film will follow a James Bond-like spy who “is forced to go on the run with his long-lost brother, a moronic soccer hooligan,” according to the studio.

Given that Sacha Baron Cohen has starred in every script he has developed, it’s pretty likely he will play a major role in this pic.  Will he take the role of the spy or the moronic brother? Or maybe both? Either way, expect it to be funny and uncomfortable to watch.

Baron Cohen’s last pic, The Dictator, which Paramount also distributed,  has so far grossed more than $160 million worldwide.

Jamie Nichole