Experience Exquisite Agony with Epic Queen of Pain Cosplay

Photography by Clover

Akasha, the Queen of Pain in Dota 2, was first summoned in secret as a way for the Ecclesiast-King of Elz to succumb to his deviant desires for pain. These desires were looked down upon and could threaten the sanctity of the Divine Throne. Akasha was bound to him from there ensuring that she could not kill him no matter how far she pushed the limits of the pain she inflicted. Enjoying her administrations so much, the King neglected to his duties to the point that there was an uprising that ended with his death. With the end of his life, Akasha was free to inflict her pleasurable torments on whoever she pleased.

queen-of-pain-cosplay-2Photography by Haji

Cosplayer cibo-black-cat makes a deliciously deviant succubus in her Queen of Pain cosplay. Wearing her two piece red and gold bikini inspired armor, her purple tinted skin radiates sexy. Armored red and gold knee high boots match her bikini perfectly. Her golden horns shine magnificently in the dull lighting. Black webbed wings, black gloves, and a red and gold hood complete the ensemble. Wielding a knife, she strikes multiple seductive, yet terrifying, poses.








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