Gauntlet Trailer Shows Off Armor and Power Sets

A new trailer has been unveiled for Arrowhead Studios’ reboot of Gauntlet, which shows off the equipment customization in the game, along with the power sets, giving you a clear idea of what to expect. You may or may not know of the original Gauntlet, which was a co-op hack-and-slash game that hit the arcades in 1985, and was developed by Atari Games. It was recently announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that Arrowhead would be making a reboot of the classic. Since E3 is coming up, we will indeed be seeing more of the game between June 10th and 12th when all the hands-on game previews and interviews get underway. But before that, of course, are the press conferences on the 9th.

Warner Bros. promised that the game will be getting SteamOS support later on when Valve’s Steam Machines are more widely available. You can pre-order the game via Steam, Amazon, Green Man Gaming, and GameStop, and get some exclusive gear by doing so.The reboot will be on PC, and it’ll release on September 3rd.







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