Maya Hunts Down Her Next Score in Gunslinging Cosplay


Being a Siren on Pandora comes with some risks. Maya greatly understands one of these, which is having a very large bounty on her head for just being who she is. Once worshiped as a goddess on her home planet of Athenas, she left after killing her long time mentor when she realized she was being used to control the general population. Always drawn to Pandora, that was her first stop in a grand treasure hunting, psycho killing adventure.


Not satisfied with recreating Maya’s original skin, Macy Rose Cosplay chooses the gunslinger skin. Composed of blue tones matching that of Maya’s hair, it’s so very bad ass. With cell shading details and perfectly done tattoos, Macy Rose’s attention to detail creates a stunning costume. The paint job is spot on, creating an aged feel, as if she has seen many fights. She even went as far as to create a cell shaded weapon right out of the game. Seriously, this is one cosplayer to be on the lookout for.



Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi



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