Sony Hosts Poll to Decide New PlayStation 4 Features

For as much as the PlayStation 4 lets you do, there’s a lot more that it doesn’t. Sony knows this, and has open the gates for players to provide feedback on what features Sony should work on next for their console. Among these options are PlayStation 2 classics, PlayStation 1 classics, the ability to ‘appear offline’, the ability to change your PlayStation ID, custom backgrounds, downloadable avatars, etc.

Many of these are features either the PlayStation 3 had, or players had been clamoring since the console’s release. Personally, I’d like to have a larger selection of avatars and custom backgrounds, although the PS1/PS2 classics do sound rather tempting. Of course, voting for features isn’t the same as implementing those said features, so this isn’t Sony committing to anything, but it’s nice to know the console developer is interested in hitting the players for feedback on what they should change next, even if some of these options should have been standard from the start. The survey itself is invite only, thanks to the people over at NeoGAF for breaking the story.









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