Tyrael Cosplay Fights for Justice and Humanity


Tyrael was once known as the most rigid angel in Heaven. Strictly adhering to all laws, he is calm in the chaos battle as he wields El’druin, the Sword of Justice. As a patron of justice, he is fair and impartial when away from the battlefield. This changes however and he decides to fight in favor of humanity when Heaven turns its back on them. Ripping off his wings and abandoning his angelic divinity, he becomes mortal, fighting along mankind, but still upholding the ideals of justice.


Raquel Sparrow Cosplay makes a few tweaks to Tyrael, most significantly gender bending the character into a female. The result is outstanding. Sticking to the shinging golden armor and gold trimmed white cloth flowing down the front, she makes an outstanding mortal angel. The armor is meticulously crafted, while the cloth makes the perfect counterpoint to the armors hard edges. Wielding an extremely sharp looking El’druin, she is ready to fight for justice, even if it takes all she has.


 Photography by Snap Happy Ian




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