Assassins Creed Jessica Nigri

Sexy Female Cosplayers Do Male Video Game Characters

Women rule the world, and cosplay is no exception. But let’s face it, sometimes the guy characters have more exciting adventures and better weapons. With a little gender swapping and creativity, though, the girls can have just as much fun as the boys.

We’ve pulled together the following collection of some our favorite female versions of male video game characters. These powerful and sexy female cosplayers prove that they can fill a man’s shoes..and then some.

Connor from Assassin’s Creed

Jessica Nigri Connor Assassin's Creed
Connor by Jessica Nigri

Drake from Uncharted

Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Drake by Raychul

Psycho from Borderlands 2

Female Cosplay Borderlands 2 Psycho
Psycho by Meg Turney

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

Commander Shepard Crystal
Commander Shepard by Crystal Graziano

Mario from Super Mario Bros, etc.

Mario by Meagan Marie

Kratos from God of War

Raychul Kratos God of War
Kratos by Raychul

Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4

Crystal Graziano as Raiden in Metal Gear Solid
Raiden by Crystal Graziano

Scout from Team Fortress 2

Scout by Yashuntafun
Scout by Yashuntafun
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