Awhile back, we reported on the newest game in the Ace Attorney series, called Ace Attorney 6, was in development, and that Capcom would reveal more about it at Tokyo Game Show. Well, Tokyo Game Show is going on right now, and Capcom has delivered on more info on Ace Attorney 6, via a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below.
It was hinted at for awhile that Overwatch would be getting a new character, but now it's official. Blizzard has unveiled the game's first new hero: Ana Amari, a healing sniper.
To celebrate Rocket League's one-year anniversary, Psyonix released Rocket League Collector's Edition, which included four bonus cars as well as all the DLC. For those who own the game, but did not buy the collector's edition, you now have access to the four bonus cars that were included in the collector's edition.
If you're playing Pokemon Go and find yourself stuck in a rural area, or just an area with no Pokestops or Gym’s, don’t fret because that could be changing. Niantic, developer of the game, has re-opened the forms to submit a new Pokestop or Gym.
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