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Everyday Epic Cosplay: A Look Inspired by Nintendo’s Princess Zelda


Posted March 9, 2015 by

“Hey… listen!” You need this amazing Princess Zelda everyday epic cosplay. Rule Hyrule, any party or get together, a day at a convention, or even the release of Majora’s Mask, in this ensemble. The dress is perfectly patterned to Princess Zeldas from the Ocarina of Time. I decided to go with a gold headdress to match her crown. These are fairly easy to find; I found this one on Forever for ~$4.00. You can add a red gem to the triangle if you are feeling fancy 😀 I took inspiration from Link for her shoes. One of my favorite parts of this everyday epic cosplay are the ear cuffs. The ear cuffs can give you that real Hylian flare, so you can officially look like the real deal. You can never have too many pieces of tri-force jewelry! And check out how cool that HAND jewelry is. Enjoy this Princess Zelda everyday cosplay, and make sure you pick up Majora’s Mask!

ATC Princess Zelda



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Nicole Salera

Nicole Salera