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Don’t Expect A Halo 3 Anniversary Game Anytime Soon


Posted April 19, 2017 by

This year, Halo 3 will be 10 years old. But if you were thinking that means the game would be getting a special sort of 10 year anniversary release, you would be sorely mistaken, as 343 Industries currently doesn’t have any plans to do so.

“I’ve been here just about 6 months now and haven’t ever heard of one single mention of Halo 3 coming to Steam nor Halo 3 anniversary being made,” said community manager Brian Jarrard on the Halo subreddit. “In fact, it’s been completely debunked multiple times over. Sorry to say but there’s no plans nor any work underway to make this happen (though personally I can’t deny it would be sweet).”

So there you have it. As it sits right now, Halo 3 isn’t getting a remaster for it’s 10th anniversary, at least not right now. It is interesting to note that both the original Halo and its sequel got remasters on their 10th anniversary, so it would make sense that something like that would happen with the third game. Then again, E3 is coming up, so maybe Microsoft and 343 have something planned, but until then, if you want to play Halo 3 on your Xbox One, you’ll have to stick with the The Master Chief Collection.


SOURCE: Reddit


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