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Dyscourse is a Go as it Has Reached its Funding Goal


Posted December 5, 2013 by


About a month ago the world got a first look at the cool game Dyscourse, that has a very distinctive and interesting art style and also a unique pitch that could most likely demonstrate the strengths of interactive narratives over the more linear stories that most games, movies and books have. Dyscourse has branching paths with truly unique consequences and very important decisions that are a tall order, but the people at Owlchemy Labs made its point well on why they think Dyscourse should be able to pull it off.

For those who were not sure that the game would receive funding on time can relax because Dyscourse has met its funding goal with a day to spare. Now with the game funded, it can be expected to see the Indie Plane Crash bonus story, without having to pay extra or help hit a stretch goal for the extra content.



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Written by Guest Contributor: CaptainBaams

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor