Don’t Lose Your Head Over This Amazing Alice Cosplay!

Alice in Wonderland in itself is an eccentric but captivating fairytale that explores the journey of a sweet, young girl who goes down a rabbit hole. We join Alice on her journey as she faces a multitude of mind-boggling events such as a rabbit in a waistcoat that is always late for tea, talking flowers, and an incredibly mad hatter. Not to mention a queen of hearts with an obsession with decapitation. There has been many interpretations and remakes of this classic fairytale with Tim Burton’s film starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter being one of the most iconic.

One of Alice’s most intriguing and popular representations is in the 21st Century game, American McGee’s Alice, which explored her life after the tragic death of her family. Alice: Madness Returns was later released in 2011, a sequel to American McGee’s game, demonstrating an expansive world albeit with greatly improved mechanics and detailed graphics. There’s more terrifying monsters to battle with and more amazing places to look at. The protagonist herself, Alice, returns in 2011, clad in a blood-stained dress, dark hair and dark, vampy makeup wielding her main weapon, the Vorpal blade.


When you look at the original fairytale where Alice is a sweet, innocent girl with blue eyes and blonde hair, it may be a little hard to believe she is now on a very dark journey or a murderous rampage of sorts. The madness of before has returned to Alice.  This interpretation of Alice has been a popular choice of many cosplayers. Russian cosplayer, Fiora-solo-top makes an amazing Alice. From the blood-stained dress to the dark and wicked glint in her eye, her portrayal of this Alice with a very dark edge is extremely well executed.




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