A New Timed Quest Comes to Destiny that leads to Sleeper Stimulant Exotic Weapon

If you’ve been playing Destiny: The Taken King then there’s a chance you’ve taken part in speculation over the Sleeper Stimulant, an exotic weapon within the title. As it stands, no one has been able to find it and numerous Reddit users have flocked together to talk about where the heck the heavy weapon might be. There have even been the extremely curious few who had dived right into the code of the title, trying to find something — anything, that might lead to the location of the Sleeper Stimulant. However, all outlets have been exhausted and no one was able to turn up anything… not until Bungie allowed them to.

A new questline has popped up in the Cosmodrone and one can’t help but assume that it leads to the Sleeper Stimulant. I wouldn’t dilly dally if I were you, however, as Bungie revealed that this quest will be a timed one. If you haven’t been able to sight the quest yet, it might be due to the fact that you haven’t collected all four parts of the weapon. This Reddit thread gives a breakdown on what steps to take in order to get your hands on the exotic weapon.

Hurry up and get going, gamers! This isn’t a forever mission so if you want that nifty Sleeper Stimulant then I would get your rears in gear… now!





Source: Reddit