All Glory to this Mafia Jinx Cosplay

Oh Jinx, my personal favorite bag-of-cats-crazy League of Legends personality. Mayhem incarnate, she is a perfect example of whose photo needs to be in the dictionary beside the word “chaos”. A champion without a care, Jinx lives to laugh and create pandemonium.


The Mafia skin for the Jinx model is super cute – and Glory Lamothe did an excellent job! Its a simple costume overall, but with so many subtle details. Everything from the tops of her dainty feathers to the bottom of her adorable shoes is the picture perfection of this alternate skin. She even has the correct number of fringe rows! Her photos exude that quirky insanity that we all love about this eccentric little firecracker – and shows off her hard work wonderfully! She did a fantastic job with the fabrication of the accessories and the scaling of the costume to real world proportions; I cant wait to see more from her! Great job Glory!


 Photography by Romina Vazquez






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