Battle Armor Snow White Cosplay is Ready for Action


Snow White is one of Disney’s most iconic princesses. Originally from a German fairy tale in the collection of Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Snow White’s most well-known embodiment is Disney’s rendition of the princess in their 1937 film. The tale of Snow White has lived on and been retold in many different ways from TV to movie to video games.


Lately, artists have taken the Disney princesses and giving them a makeover in the form of a mashup of series, putting them in different eras, or suiting them up for battle. Recently Gladzy Kei completed a series of all of the Disney princesses reimagined in fantastic battle armor. When suiting up her princesses for battle, Gladzy Kei stayed true to the iconic pieces of the Disney princesses to keep them recognizable such as Snow White’s color scheme, homage to her shoulder cuffs in her arm bands, and her hair style.


Amazing cosplayer Andy Rae was lucky enough to be one of the first cosplayers of Battle Armor Snow White. Andy is no stranger to armor costumes and her ability shines through in this equally beautiful and badass cosplay of Snow White. The attention to detail on this cosplay is impeccable between the ornate armor details, immaculate paint job, and the torn material for her sash. Be sure to follow her page for even more epic cosplays and even some commission information for costumes of your own!




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