Bethesda Is Hiring Programmers For “Bleeding-Edge” RPG

Bethesda is now hiring! The Fallout 4 publisher has recently released the a statement that they are looking to hire some new programmers for a “Bleeding Edge” RPG.

According to their careers page, Bethesda is seeking an engine programmer, a game programmer, and two graphics programmers for positions in Montreal and Rockville, Maryland. The job description was fairly vague in what projects they would be working on, but they ask for experience with both PC and console programming. They want programmers who can “[push] the bleeding-edge of RPG development.”

It is no huge shock that Bethesda has plenty of projects in development, so they will need more great programmers to help get their projects published and off the ground. Game director Todd Howard recently mentioned that the studio had three “big and crazy” they were working on. What these three “big and crazy” projects are remains a mystery for now, but no doubt they will be amazing.







Written By Guest Contributor Arthur

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