Borderlands 1 Coming to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

As we get closer to its public November release, more and more games are being added to Microsoft’s Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program. Today, we learned one more game will support the feature: the original Borderlands will be supported by backwards compatibility.

Over on his official blog, Major Nelson explained that the game can either be downloaded digitally, or if you own the game already, you can transfer all your save data, achievements and any add-ons that you bought for the game. In addition, the game will have full Xbox Live support, meaning that the game’s key component, playing online with friends, will be fully supported. Though there was an HD collection for Borderlands called The Handsome Collection, the original Borderlands was absent from this collection. This announcement marks the first time that the game will be available again, presumably running at 1080p.

The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program is currently in beta right now. The feature will go live for the public in November of this year.






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