Bungie Confirms Destiny Shaders Will Recieve Major Changes

With Destiny’s next DLC rolling out in little over a month, it’s no surprise that Bungie is teasing fans the new changes and features they can expect from the upcoming expansion. According to the developer, shaders will alter the class of in-game items when Rise of Iron rolls out on consoles.

Christopher Bennett, the game director for Destiny announced via Twitter that shaders will be implemented all class items in the game. In addition to the new role shaders will have the upcoming update will finally allow players to look more assembled in the past, regardless of what shader players use, their class items (e.g. Hunter cloaks, Warlock bonds, Titan marks) would always stay in their respective default colors, which resulted in minimal diversity. But, the new expansion will also trail several others that emphasize on in-game fashion, including Chroma and a new Trials of Osiris clothing.

The Rise of Iron will launch on September 20th. The expansion will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, making this the first expansion not to see a release on seventh generation consoles.






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