Champion Status Achieved: A Perfect Morgana Cosplay

morgana-cosplay-1Photography by Magdalena Majchrzycka

League of Legends has had a huge impact on gamers everywhere. The fast-paced competitive nature of the game allows players to become champions. Riot Games definitely created a game that will be around for a very long time. With over 120 different champions everyone can find a champion that they relate to. Cosplayers around the world have created real life replicas of their favorite League of Legends champions.

Cosplayer Julia “Issabel” Syczewa of Issabel Cosplay is no exception. Issabel has done a fantastic job at bringing Morgana the fallen angel to life. Her recreation of Morgana is spot on. Everything from her makeup to the photography and photo edits by Mateusz and Natalia Zahora. I am truly blown away by her larger than life wings and her attention to detail.

morgana-cosplay-2Photography by Mateusz Zahora

There is no doubt that Issabel has a passion for cosplay and has a love for League of Legends. I was completely mesmerized by the photo taken by Magdalena Majchrzychka of Silverclock. It is absolutely beautiful. You can see the amazing ears created by Issabel and the beautiful span of her wings. Issabel is stunning as Morgana. To see more cosplay by Issabel follow her on DeviantArt.




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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt




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