Check Out This New River City Ransom: Underground Trailer

When the classic side scrolling beat em’ up River City Ransom hit the Wii virtual console back in 2007, the little brawler that could went on to become an iconic cult classic that fans wanted more of, even if the original came out way back in 1996. But that didn’t stop fans, and following a successful Kickstarter campaign, work on River City Ransom: Underground began. Now, almost two years later, the project has hit Steam Greenlight along with two new trailers.

In the first trailer, we see the game in all its glory, including a host of new characters that bring a ton of different ways to take on the mean streets of River City. Set to the chiptune stylings of Disasterpeace, River City Ransom: Underground seeks to take the tried and true format of the original, and improve it in nearly every way, with familiar locales and systems revamped, with over 100 hand-drawn levels, four player local and online co-op, and over 8 characters to play each with their own varied skillsets. River City Ransom: Underground is now on Steam Greenlight.  Check out the trailers below.










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