A Cosplay of Mass Effect’s Miranda as Perfect as Her DNA

Miranda Lawson is one of the most iconic female video game characters and a core character of Bioware’s masterpiece, Mass Effect. She’s a human officer for the pro-human survivalist paramilitary group, Cerberus (hence why Jack calls her a “Cerberus cheerleader”) run by the one they call Illusive Man as well as being a specimen of human perfection; engineered to have the “perfect everything”.


Let’s dive deep into her dossier. Born in the year 2150 as the daughter of Henry Lawson (not the famous Australian poet, the wealthy businessman in Mass Effect), she was the result of what happened when her father decided that instead of having a normal family, he would take his own DNA and add a double X chromosome. He wanted full control of Miranda, as she quotes, “right down to my bloody DNA” and that her father “got me the best genes money could buy”.


She was designed to be top of the range, the embodiment of perfection from her intelligence, aesthetics, and her biotic abilities. She has the ability to shoot the head of a mech from a hundred meters away and crush it with her biotic abilities. As a significant part of biotics, she heals and cools down a lot quicker than even Mr. Kaidan “biotic booty” Alenko himself.


As a major fan of the Mass Effect trilogy, Miranda was one of those characters I could not let go of. Bioware has the ability to create characters, such as Miranda, that you get extremely attached to, and if anything happened to them in the game, it is earth shattering. That’s one reason why I love this game so much. And when cosplayers such as Mono Abel bring to life a character such as Miranda, it is literally one of the greatest things ever.


What I love about the characters and how they are brought to life is that it runs skin deep. These aren’t any video game characters that someone decides to dress up as one day- they are characters that mean something to them and they are bringing to life because they love them so much that they want to step inside their shoes for a day or even three days and be them. One of my favourite materials that I love seeing cosplayers use is PVC and vinyl and in a Miranda Lawson suit, it’s the best of both worlds. And that is what you get with cosplayer Mono Abel – one of the greatest video game companions ever brought to life by a stunning and talented cosplayer who you look at and go “there’s my Miranda!”


Photography by Varian Kaveli


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