Cosplayer Gets Dark and Mysterious as LeBlanc from League of Legends

LeBlanc is a champion in League of Legends who is most often classified as being “over-powered”.  She has a wide range of magical abilities along with mirage techniques that cause her enemies to blindsightedly chase after her clone instead of LeBlanc herself.  LeBlanc is definitely powerful, but she can be difficult to master, as her auto attacks aren’t the most ideal for farming. But once you get fed as a LeBlanc, it’s GG.


Cosplayer Margaret Cosplay makes a perfect LeBlanc.  She sports Leblanc’s fair skin and black face paint perfectly.  The staff prop is the perfect touch to this already epic cosplay, as it shows a vast amount of detail, dedication, and care.  If you haven’t checked out any of Margaret Cosplay’s work before, now is the time to do so, as we surely see great things for her in the future.



Photography by MLC Foto








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