E3 2016: Death Standing Announced Is Hideo Kojima’s New Game

At Sony’s E3 conference, Hideo Kojima took the stage and simply stated” I’m back” and then proceeded to show gameplay from his upcoming title Death Standing. In typical Kojima fashion, he then showed off a trailer that, while stunning, was very bizarre.

There is no easy way to describe what was shown at E3. The trailer has Norman Reedus naked on a beach. That, is the completely normal part of the trailer. He then gets to his knees and holds a baby that is attached to him through a mechanical umbilical cord. The baby then turns invisible and crawls away into a sea of dead fish. Norman then looks up to see floating things in the sky and stands so we can see that his stomach has been cut open and stitched shut.

I know absolutely nothing about this game, but I do know I’m intrigued by whatever it is. Knowing Kojima, it is going to be one interesting ride of a game. Death Standing is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4.





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