Epic Cosplay Video: Edward Kenway in Action!

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is surely one of the best games in the AC franchise.  Bringing a vast, beautiful world to conquer, full of exploration, sea sailing, and whale harpooning, Black Flag brings tons of hours of content to fuel the inner assassin in us all.  As you might remember, we featured an amazing Edward Kenway cosplay by Rick Boer in honor of Black Flag on the day of its release.  This cosplay portrayed Edward Kenway in a way which was so spot-on that you thought he was the real Edward Kenway!

Now we can see Rick Boer’s Edward Kenway live in action with this epic cosplay video posted on the Ubisoft Netherlands YouTube channel. Roaming the streets of Amsterdam, Rick is ready to assassinate the templars and sail the mighty seas once more.  Check it out!



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