Peanuts Movie

First Teaser Trailer For New Peanuts Movie

For anyone who grew up following the comic antics of Charles M. Schulz’s characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, the new trailer for FOX’s long-coming animated Peanuts feature film is plenty exciting.

The trailer starts with Woodstock trying to set up Christmas decorations around Snoopy and his dog house, then goes into a dream sequence with Snoopy flying around Paris then it cuts to Charlie and his peers teasing each other, (wait who am I kidding, Charlie is the teasing focus) in a movie theater.

The trailer is definitely aware of the ubiquity of the characters it’s portraying. There’s not much in the way of plot, almost like the trailer is cinematic comic about what the Peanuts characters appearing in a film would be like.

The style of animation is something I could get used to. It feels like an appropriate marriage of modern cartoon color saturation and the pencil sketch aesthetics of the classic comic. The classic chiptune certainly ups the nostalgia.

Are you excited for FOX’s Peanuts Movie? It’s hitting theaters November 6th, 2015. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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