From Software Talks Details for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Bloodborne series producer Masaaki Yamagiwa sat down to talk details on the upcoming expansion for From Software’s Victorian-inspired slasher, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. Of particular interest was the revelation that the Clock Tower location, highlighted in the trailer, is only one of three areas planned for the expansion. When asked if the Tokyo Game Show demo was part of the DLC, Yamagiwa responded, “This is a small portion of one of the three new stages that’s going to be in the DLC. But we have tweaked a few things in the demo so it’s not exactly the same experience you’ll have in the main game. The real version is going to be even harder. Especially the primary boss in the demo, one thing we want to mention is this is not the final version of the boss, so don’t take everything you see here as gospel quite yet.”

Yamagiwa went on to say that while the game does not require beating the primary story in order to access the expansion content, players will need to progress up to a point in the story to unlock the new content. That being said, with at least 10 new weapons and even more secrets waiting to be uncovered, I’ll be waiting to venture back into Yharnam with bated breath. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters goes live this November 24th.