A Gorgeous Cosplay of the Best Zombie Sniper Around, Cordelia Starling

The big sister of the platinum blonde, chainsaw wielding, cheerleading, zombie hunter Juliet Starling is a master sniper, in fact, the best sniper among zombie hunters. Cordelia Starling, her name is. She’s the older sister of Juliet and Rosalind Starling and a former student of San Romero High School turned zombie hunter. For a large percentage of Juliet’s journey towards the Cathedral, Cordelia is armed, ready and vigilant, assisting her baby sister with her trusty sniper rifle.

She’s a distinguishable character in game, in comparison to her younger siblings, portraying a tomboyish and more mature persona. As a master sniper, her cunning and physical expertise and her heavy skills in long range weapons are the perfect marriage. Despite being the smarter of her siblings, she retains the true and obvious nature of a Starling.


If Cordelia Starling was to be brought to life by anyone, it would definitely have been Spanish cosplayer the drop dead gorgouesNebulaluben.  She’s a master cosplayer, having cosplayed many characters from the Mass Effect universe and even Dragons Prophet. Her Cordelia Starling cosplay is just one of the many cosplays and in this one, she’s nailed every single detail – the brunette flame shaped streaks in her hair, the banded boots and the detailed bustiere. She portrays the loyal and honest zombie hunter named after King Lear’s youngest daughter amazingly with this well executed and drop dead gorgeous cosplay.





For more of Nebula’s amazing cosplay work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt pages.

Photography by Jesus Clares


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