Hannibal 3.05 Review, “Cotorno”

“Contorno” is a side dish that is commonly served alongside a “secondo.” The “contorno” usually consist of vegetables, raw or cooked, and served either hot or cold. They are always served on a separate dish and never on the same plate as the meat.

So let us take a moment to track Will Graham’s movements in his pursuit of Hannibal, because when you take a step back and look at the whole it is a bit odd. First he decides that the best way to get to Italy was by boat, so he sailed from the East Coast to Italy. After losing Hannibal in Italy, Will decides that he will drive to Hannibal’s childhood home in Lithuania. Once getting there he realizes that Hannibal is still in Italy, so he hops on a train to get there. Part way through the trip he gets thrown off the back of that train, so now he is following a vision of the Nightmare Stag and walking the rest of the way to Italy.

And with the banter that generally happens between Will and Hannibal I just know there will be some mention of Will walking hundreds of miles to pursue fate, or something like that.

Compared to last week’s episode, which was more or less an information dump, this episode was streamlined. The main focus was on one Italian detective’s quest to turn Hannibal in for a three million dollar bounty Mason Verger is offering. Of course the catch is that Hannibal must be captured alive, which ends with the detective being hung by an extension cord, gutted, and thrown out the window of a museum. So pretty much what you would expect when it comes to anyone attempting to capture Hannibal.

But Hannibal does not keep the upper hand in the situation for long. Jack Crawford arrives just in time to see the poor detective hang, and decides that he has had enough. In a beautifully choreographed fight sequence set to classical music Jack absolutely destroys Hannibal. It shatters the illusion, which has persisted through this season so far, that Hannibal is some unstoppable, godlike force. Seeing him bloody and broken is just a reminder that he can be beaten, but it has to happen in the proper way. Of course Jack is not the one to deal the final blow, and Hannibal manages to escape.

Obviously, there is going to be the Hannibal versus Will showdown that the Fannibals (myself included) are desperately craving. Will is worried that he will become like Hannibal so he must kill him to prevent that from happening. However the relationship between he and Hannibal seems to be stronger than ever, as seen through the healthy appearance of the Nightmare Stag in this episode. It is difficult to even fathom a prediction of what will happen later this season, so you just have to sit back and just let the story take you wherever it may. Though I do see something as emotionally scarring as the “Red Dinner” is the show’s near future.

As a final note, I would just like to point out that there was a conversation between Alana Bloom and Mason Verger this episode that included these following sentences: “[Hannibal] likes music, he likes wine, he likes food and he likes you. How did you taste? Sweet, I bet. I’m sure you got a taste of him, too. Spitters are quitters, and you don’t strike me as a quitter, Dr. Bloom.”

I feel the fact those sentences were broadcast on NBC is more shocking than the brutal weekly murders the audience has become accustomed to.

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