Here’s What Perks We Might Expect From Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies

A supposed list of the perks for Call of Duty: Black Ops III has been leaked onto Reddit, with Reddit user AstramG providing an overview of the perks and power-ups discovered from the Black Ops III beta files. While none of these abilities have been confirmed by Activision or Treyarch, these perks would be obtainable from the gumball machines that are seen littered around the various maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops III will have Zombies on-disc at launch, and is set for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this November 6th. Check out the list below which includes names and descriptions.

  • Perkaholic: (immediate) – Grant yourself all 11 perks on the map until you are downed – Lasts until you are downed
  • One for the road: (immediate) – Give yourself one extra perk slot, so five perks. – Lasts until you are bled out
  • Carpenter: (player triggered 3 uses) – Spawns a carpenter pickup on the map
  • Instakill: (player triggered 2 uses) – Spawns an instakill pickup on the map
  • Double points: (player triggered 2 uses) – Spawns a double points pickup on the map
  • Nuclear: (player triggered 2 uses) – Spawns a nuke pickup on the map
  • Perk Bottle: (player triggered 2 uses) – Spawns a perk bottle pickup on the map
  • Reroll: (player triggered 2 uses) – Lets you reroll the mystery box if you don’t like what you got
  • Phoenix: (player triggered) – Revives everyone on the entire map and allows them to keep their perks they were downed with
  • Swordsmanship: (immediate) – Melee damage does 5 times the damage – Lasts 25 minutes
  • Pop Shockers: (immediate) – Every fifth Melee attack shoots a shock from the knife that presumably stuns zombies?? – Lasts ???
  • On the go: (immediate) – Allows you to shoot while sprinting – Lasts 5 minutes
  • Camouflage: (player triggered 1 use) – All zombies ignore the player for 10 seconds
  • Aggro: (player triggered 1 use) – All zombies target the user for 10 seconds
  • Wall Buy Packapunch: (immediate) – When you walk buy your next gun its immediately packs punched
  • Pack a punch: (player triggered 1 use) – Pack a punched your gun for 1 minute
  • Impatient: (immediate) – Respawns you if you are downed at the end of the round before the last zombie instead of the next rounds start
  • Stock: (Immediate/Playertriggered???) – Draws ammo from the guns stock so it won’t need to reload while it shoots
  • Ammo: (Immediate/Playertriggered???) – Every 10 points you get gives you another one bullet







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