Hitman’s Upcoming Elusive Target Will Include A Huge Twist

Io Interactive has just revealed new details regarding the next Hitman Elusive Target. Starting on Friday, July 15th, players will have 72 hours, and one chance eliminate the next Elusive Target, however, there is a huge twist which will make this upcoming target quite the challenge.

According to the developer, the big obstacle can be hinted from the title of week’s target, who’s known as “The Twin.” The next target, Dylan Narvaez will roam the Streets of Sapienza with his identical twin brother, Gonzales. Although only one of the brothers has a huge target on his back, you’ll need to tackle this mission with caution.

The next Elusive Target will be available at 5 a.m. on the 15th, however, another announcement from the developer will make it easier than ever to keep track; a new companion app for the game is now available iOS and Android, free of charge. This mobile app will provide you notifications whenever new content is launched for the game, including new episodes, timed events, as well as keeping tabs on your target.






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