Injustice 2’s Release Date Teased By Ed Boon

Injustice 2, the highly anticipated DC fighting game, may have gotten a release date. However, in typical fashion, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon may have revealed it in a way that’s a bit cryptic than usual.

Earlier today, Boon tweeted out a picture that said “i2.05.16.17”, an nothing else. The “i2” could be short for Injustice 2, while the numbers could mean May 16th, 2017. Of course, it could also mean something else entirely, since Boon has been known for teasing fans by hinting at characters that may or may not be real, so this could be one of those instances. Still though, if that is the final release date, it’s a bit further than most fans had expected (a leak recently said the game was coming out in March, though that was denied by Boon later), and it seems weird that Warner Bros. would announce the release of one of their biggest games without much fanfare. On the other hand, May is a perfect time to release the game, since it gives the fighting game community enough time to get familiar with the game before the major fighting game tournaments start.

For now, take this with a huge pile of salt until it’s confirmed by Warner Bros or Boon himself. Injustice 2 is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





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