Fifty Shades of Grey

Is Jamie Dornan Quitting Fifty Shades of Grey?

Before you start crying or jumping for joy, whichever you’re predisposed to, it bears explicitly saying that this is a rumor at best.

Mirror ran a series of stories based on the story from sources at Australian Magazine NW. Again, as the story goes, Jamie Dornan, who played the billionaire abuser Christian Grey in the film adaptation of E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, has or is angling to opt out of the role for the two already-announced sequels. The reason being, his wife didn’t want him to continue in the role.

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Mirror also got plenty of stories out in hurry based on the rumor in the way of collecting disappointed fan tweets and speculating who would replace Dornan. Much of the articles are actually reframed info about Dakota Johnson and Dornan supposedly not getting along or Dornan’s interview clip where he confesses that his wife probably won’t see the movie.

A few other outlets picking up the, ahem, clickbait, have also thrown in creative disputes between the director Sam Taylor-Johnson and author E. L. James. The whole story seems to be based on rather ambiguous “insider sources”.


However, there’s these tweets.

I’m going to lean towards rumor rather than fact on this one. Keeping our wits about us.



Source: Mirror

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