These Joker and Harley Cosplays are Awfully Good

As DC’s most fan-admired bat fighting couple, the Joker and Harley Quinn get a lot of attention. They are probably even considered the most infamous villian team of all time. They started out in the Batman animated series. Harleen Quinzel was actually the doctor treating and taking care of the insane villian, the Joker. When her emotions took over, the Joker charmed her, and she fell in love with him. She then dawned the famous red and black costume and helped Joker escape from the asylum. Together they fight against the Batman and all that is good.


They have since made many more appearances in the franchise, including the comic books, video games, and the original TV series. However, since they are so popular many cosplayers have tried to take on the dynamic duo. Even non-cosplayers dress up as the couple for a cute his and her Halloween costume, but putting on a costume is not all there is to cosplay. Capturing the character’s spirit is a large part of it as well and MishyMisheru (Harley) and Simone Perini (Joker) nailed it. With a cute Harley and a spot on Joker, these two are no joke!





Photography by Federico Borella.


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