Just In Time For Christmas, Splatoon Is Getting A New Weapon

Nintendo’s online shooter Splatoon is constantly getting updated. And just in time for Christmas, a new weapon will be added to the game, which will be free to pick up of course.

Tomorrow on Christmas Day, at 11 AM Eastern Time, the Rapid Pro Blaster will be added to the game. We don’t know much about the gun other than it’s name, but based on the screenshots released via the game’s official Japanese Twitter account, it looks to be really fun, as it appears to fire giant paintballs to cover the ground and possibly do some serious damage to opposing players. This is update is hot off the heels of a recent update which added a few new stages to play on, one of them being an office like stage with a lot of platforms that move up and down.

Splatoon is available now exclusively for the Wii U. Between these recent updates and whatever Nintendo has planned going forward, this game is sure to be a great Christmas gift for that squid or kid in your life.








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