Mafia III Teaser Trailer Builds Excitement For E3

A new teaser trailer for Mafia III has been released. The latest teaser trailer showcases snippets from the full trailer, which is set to be shown at E3.

According to publisher 2K Games and developer Hangar 13 the story focuses on Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran who is building a crime organization in order to confront the Italian mob. Clay’s motive is to avenge the death of his close friends. The game’s time period is set in 1968, while the in-game setting New Bordeaux, re-imagined New Orleans city.

This recent teaser shown below features bits and pieces, which were taken from the full trailer. According to the publisher, the full trailer will be to be revealed at the E3 demo world premiere on June 12. The third installment in the Mafia series scheduled to release on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with more information about the game provided next week during E3.





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