Master of Flame and Epic Cosplay: Lina from Dota 2


Dota 2 is both a strategy and role playing game that pits two teams against each other in a struggle to destroy the other teams Ancient inside their base. The huge selection of characters and fighting style allows for a wide variety of choice and excitement in the game.


Lina is a ranged magic based hero in Dota 2, with a specialty in fire attacks. Her awesome fire waves and massive columns of scorching flame make Lina extremely effective against her enemies in surprise attacks. Her most powerful ability however, scorches her foes in a different way by striking them with a powerful bolt of lightning.


Nasya-Nassya is a brilliant Lina, combining stellar costume construction and imaginative posing. Posing is such an important aspect of cosplay as it can help to showcase who the character is you’re portraying, and the time and effort dedicated to the costume. You can also have some real fun with posing and photography with spectacular results. The brilliant mix of her cosplay skills, photography and the eye catching after effects has produced some really epic cosplay shots!




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