N64’s GoldenEye 007 Gets An Extreme Makeover With Unreal Engine 4

YouTube user Jude Wilson has given life back into the almost two-decade old game, GoldenEye 007. He gives us a look at how the classic N64 title would look if it was released utilizing the tools that game developers have today.

Jude Wilson recreates a part of the Facility Map using Unreal Engine 4. Watching the video with nostalgia in my eyes, it is easy to immediately recognize the map. It is sure to give the older gamers nostalgic feels of getting angry at your 3 other friends on your mom’s couch for screen-looking and breaking childhood friendships. The details are amazing and if you remember the old Facility, you can immediately tell that it does the original proud.

Wilson explains how he does it all in the video description, “All the artwork and everything you see has been made by myself and all from scratch.

The software’s that I used to make this environment are as follows: 3DS Max, Unreal Engine 4, Marmoset Toolbag 2, Photoshop, nDo2 and Substance Designer.”







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