New Hitman Trailer Reveals PS4-Exclusive Sarajevo Six

The PlayStation 4 version of Hitman is getting a big upgrade to its arsenal of content with the announcement of the Sarajevo Six. This piece of content looks to be extending Hitman’s list of contracts with 6 new targets and environments.

Each new target was presented in the trailer showing their faces, names, and other general information about why they are the next target for Agent 47. First on the list is the Director, Scott Sarno, who will be attending the Sanguine Fashion show, the same fashion show from the 4k and 360 degree trailer. This is the ideal place to attack because he will be without his normal contingency of guards.

The Director contract released today alongside the first episode. The launch dates for the remaining five targets have not been released, but if this trend follows they will be coming out in tandem with the remaining Hitman episodes. Hitman is available now for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with the Sarajevo Six missions being a PlayStation 4 exclusive.






Written By Guest Contributor Arthur

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