New SMITE Patch Adds News Skins, Map, and More

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has released a video detailing the newest patch for SMITE. You can check out the video discussing the patch below.

The patch, titled The Celestial Wedding, will bring four new skins to the game: Sun’s Bride Chang’e, Moon’s Groom Hou Yi, Daimydon Odin, and Wrath of Olympus Zeus. In addition, there will be a new voice pack for three of the four skins, and a one will be added to the Infiltrator Loki skin. The patch will also add a new training map, which is designed to help new players get a feel of the game and the MOBA genre in general. The map will support three modes- Joust 3v3 Practice, Arena Tutorial, Arena Practice- though more modes will be added later. Finally, the patch brings some nerfs and debuffs to various characters, such as Kherpi and his debuff. SMITE is available now for PC and Xbox One. This patch went live yesterday, so if you’re playing the game, you can hop in now and try out the new changes yourself.







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