New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Teases Hutt Contracts

EA released a teaser trailer for Star Wars Battlefront showing an interesting new development: Hutt Contacts. This free content update is not connected to the Outer Rim DLC that will be released later.

The trailer opened with some epic in game battles followed by the phrases of “Get back into the battle”, “Free New Maps” and “2 Free Co-Op Missions”. About halfway through the trailer Jabba the Hutt appeared holding holograms of blasters and rifle, regrettably no other information about the game type was released in the trailer.

The Outer Rim DLC promises a “battle within Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine” but there is no conformation on if the map and the Hutt Contracts game type are related. It is also unknown if the Hutt Contracts and Outer Rim DLC will be released around the same time.

The Outer Rim DLC has been confirmed to release later this month.






Written By Guest Contributor Arthur

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