New Update For Heroes of the Storm Introduces New Character and More

Blizzard has just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm. The update addresses in-game issues, introduces a new playable character and more.

According to the developer, the latest patch allows players to acquire a free hero or 4,000 in-game gold, in order to claim your new free hero or gold all you have to do is download the patch, log into your account and claim your prize. The free characters available to redeem are Anub’arak, Thrall, or Tyrande, or if you already have those characters, then you can obtain Nazeebo, Sonya, or Uther, however if you have all of these characters previously listed, then you will receive 4,000 Gold instead.

In addition to some freebies for the players, the new patch also introduces Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void‘s character, Alark as a new playable character and can purchased via the in-game shop. The developer also announced that once you purchase Alark, you will unlock a new Battleground called Braxis Holdout. This new Starcraft-themed map requires you to capture two beacons that will spawn near the center of the map.

In addition to a new character, the patch also adds a Machines of War bundle, whcih features all of the event’s Starcraft-themed goodies. Including Heroes Alark, Kerrigan, Rexxar, and The Butcher in addition new event-emphasized skins, and two new mounts are also included in the bundle. Lastly, another new bundle, Demonic Hellsteed and Blackheart’s Doubloon mounts also return to the game, while also removing Cloud Serpent and Cyberwolf.

You can check out the new patch notes here. Heroes of the Storm is out now for Windows 10 and Mac OS X.