Orsinium DLC is Now Available For The Elder Scrolls Online Console Players

The Elder Scrolls Online players will finally be getting the Orsinium DLC for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The DLC introduces the land of Orsinium, one of the largest zones to date in the Elder Scrolls Online world with over 20 hours of story content and quests.

The DLC will also include new monsters, characters, new gear, and mysteries to solve. It also includes the new Maelstrom Arena, a new solo arena that features exclusive rewards attainable only by completing the arena. Two new public dungeons will also be available, Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, featuring all-new challenges for solo and group play.

The full Orsinium DLC pack is included with an active ESO Plus membership and will be 3,000 crowns in the ESOTU Crown Store. There is also an Orsinium DLC Colector’s Bundle available at the Crown Store for 5,000 crowns that includes the Orsinium DLC game pack, the cave bear mount, the cave bear cub, and five crown experience scrolls. The DLC pack will be available today on Xbox One and tomorrow for PlayStation 4.





Written by Guest Contributor 7am