Overwatch Brings Ranked Matches In Latest Update

Overwatch has constantly made changes throughout the beta session, and it shows no signs of stopping now. Blizzard has now released ranked play into the mix with its own divisions in tow.

Players can access the ranked play as soon as they hit level 25 and will still have access to all the cosmetic rewards they earned in unranked play.  Some of the biggest points from the video below are that ranked play will allow for groups of up to six to join the queue. Likewise, if you are playing solo, it will attempt to link you to players of a similar skill level to keep things balanced. It is also going to try to put groups against other similarly sized groups.

Ranked play will a single-game queue where players will play both sides of the game mode chosen and will then go into sudden death in case of a tie where players will have to battle over a single point in one of the Control map. Ranked play has five tiers each with four the first four of them containing five divisions and you move up the tiers by progressing through the divisions of each tiers by winning matches. The top tier, Heroic, will instead display the ranks of the people to show how good they are around the world.

Overwatch is currently in closed beta with open beta set to start May 5 and go to May 9. The game is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24.








Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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