Power, Beauty and Skill: Aela the Huntress Cosplay from the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

A skillful archer and deadly werewolf, Aela the Huntress is a powerful character in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The fifth instalment in the Elder Scrolls series, this role-playing game is set in the northern snowy tundra of Skyrim. The province is on the brink of civil war and is once again host to terrible dragons that prey on the towns and people of Skyrim. The choice of which side to follow and which path to take, is up to you.


Aela the Huntress is a member of the Companions, a leaderless clan of skilled fighters. The Companions are also home to a secret group of werewolves known as The Circle, to which Aela is a high-standing member. The group protects one another from the clan of werewolf hunters known as the Silver Hand. By joining the companions, and befriending Aela, you can join these ranks and chose to become a powerful werewolf.


Vakarians’ cosplay of the proud and skillful Aela is magnificent. Her attention to each detail in the huntresses attire and demeanour is truly wonderful to behold. Vakarians appears right at home as such a powerful and stunning huntress among the gorgeous landscape. This talented cosplayer is also one of our fantastic writers for All That’s Cosplay, and her skill and deep understanding of the characters she portrays is quite clear.



Photography by filathriel.


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